Analysen, Notfall- und Gefahrenabwehr- planungen

Prevention and risk reduction customized for your company! Based on our analysis and plans you are prepared for all incidents. By reducing risks’ likelihood and impact, you stay capable to act in case of an emergency and learn from incidents.

Accidents, storm losses, floods, power failures, water, heatwaves and others may cause high costs and critical work and production losses or high rehabilitation costs. We stand against impacts. Our unique solutions for emergency and hazard prevention systems and structures are functional for all relevant impacts of natural disasters, accidents and emergencies – comprehensive, well-structured, hands-on and consolidated in one consolidated file. Together with you, we identify and analyse all relevant risks for your location. Based on the findings we find tailored solutions and actions, to minimize the risk likelihood and reduce the impact of a hazard. We include and analyse existing hazard prevention plans, reserves, established processes and responsibilities and liabilities as well as potential space for improvements. Relying on our solutions leads into risk reduction – in reality used, tested and approved. This may lead into positive synergies in your insurances. 

Stress tests

Test your processual, personnel and material resilience – together we identify hidden weaknesses and develop effective measures for your organisation or company. Our sience based stress tests are individually adaptable and easy to use. Small effort, high outcome!

In times of increasing connected infrastructures and dependencies, the impact of disasters are not only more prominent in media, but also in reality from much higher impact on societies and system-critical infrastructure. The pre-existing methods to assess vulnerabilities of critical components are outdated. Aside regional and international providers and large-scale actors, local companies, organisations and actors in the field of civil protection and hazard prevention are directly impacted.

As being prepared as enterprise or actor in the civil protection in a functional matter, your analysis of your individual risk and resilience is the foundation of our method. Based on our risk analysis, we identify potential stressors for critical incidents and disasters, as for example a large-scale power blackout or other relevant scenarios. We analyse core processes and critical structures based on your requirements. The collected data is automatically processed and the basis for recommendations for further actions. Our clients use this opportunity to optimize processes and workflows to increase resilience and reliability.

Our method rates the results based on priorities. The scoring system provides possibilities to compare levels of preparedness and resilience between branches and units. The results lead into a standardized internal learning and adaptation process.

This is from special interest for fire brigades, local branches and local units of civil protection and emergency services and organisations. The stress test concept is based on BMBF founded research project and can be even used independly on the local level.

Simple – digital – innovative

Crisis Management and Staff Training

We offer customized trainings and exercises for staff, leaders and crisis managers. Our clients come from companies, agencies, ministries and aid organisations. Prepare for the emergency!

High quality crisis management and staff work requires high quality training. We prepare your team leaders and core staff for their tasks. Our tailored trainings, courses and practical exercises covers in the first place basic and in-depth knowledge.

We start based on a target audience analysis. We include existing knowledge and skills in our recommendation for further trainings and training contents. We use tools, such as full-scale exercises and crisis simulations, to strengthen existing knowledge and competences and to spot systematic vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The results leads into recommendations for actions in your emergency and crisis management. We support you in this process, if necessary. You can rely on our long time practical and training experience.

KSK Research

Research guides our path to the future.

Research projects are essential for development and improvement in the field of crisis and hazard management. Organisations, universities, institutes and companies invest time and money into theses projects.

Unfortunately, academic projects often times end with a final report and theoretical achievements. The transformation into practical solutions appears challenging. The implementation of innovative solutions id essential to hazard management and risk prevention. All systems must adapt to changing risks and increased threat levels. This can be driven by praxis-oriented research.

Experience, comprehension and creativity is key to migrate from the theory to practical solutions. Including these competences and the capability to work praxis-oriented, we contribute to research projects.

Ensure to transfer innovation into operational solutions for emergency services, administrative bodies and companies. This is the final quality step distinguishes between good and excellent projects.

We understand both, research and users and participate in an intermediary role between both groups as small and medium size enterprise.

We focused on projects fields in the area of resilience of emergency services, ad-hoc volunteers, virtual and augmented reality, psychosocial crisis mamangement and trainings. We are open to new topics and challenges.

Please contact us regarding your ideas and plans.

KSK-Staff concepts

The KSK range of services includes analysis, emergency planning, hazard management concepts, security research, coordination and command equipment, trainings, sensibilisations for civil protection actors and responsible persons in hazard management and extends into simulations, full-scale exercises in civil protection and hazard management.


  • Analysis, emergency and hazard management planning
  • Crisis management, staff training and exercises
  • Analysis, emergency and hazard training
  • Stress tests

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