Crisis Management and Staff Training

We offer customized trainings and exercises for staff, leaders and crisis managers. Our clients come from companies, agencies, ministries and aid organisations. Prepare for the emergency!

High quality crisis management and staff work requires high quality training. We prepare your team leaders and core staff for their tasks. Our tailored trainings, courses and practical exercises covers in the first place basic and in-depth knowledge.

We start based on a target audience analysis. We include existing knowledge and skills in our recommendation for further trainings and training contents. We use tools, such as full-scale exercises and crisis simulations, to strengthen existing knowledge and competences and to spot systematic vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The results leads into recommendations for actions in your emergency and crisis management. We support you in this process, if necessary. You can rely on our long time practical and training experience.

KSK-Staff concepts

The KSK range of services includes analysis, emergency planning, hazard management concepts, security research, coordination and command equipment, trainings, sensibilisations for civil protection actors and responsible persons in hazard management and extends into simulations, full-scale exercises in civil protection and hazard management.


  • Analysis, emergency and hazard management planning
  • Crisis management, staff training and exercises
  • Analysis, emergency and hazard training
  • Stress tests

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